Assemble 2012 Programme

Assemble 2012 was a full-day conference at RIBA on 20 September.

Click on the links below for session information and video. Click on the speakers and contributors list to the left for more information and biographies.

    Welcome Address:
    Rosy Greenlees, Crafts Council
    Moira Sinclair, Arts Council England

    Keynote presentation:
    Ed Vaizey MP, Minister for Culture, Communications and the Creative Industries.

    Keynote presentation: Collaborative Values Across Disciplines - Recognising the Benefit and Avoiding the Bear Pit
    Why and when it is good to collaborate with other disciplines? In this presentation we look at four important issues for the craftsperson today: cultural, social, environmental and economic. Examples will be drawn from case studies and the speaker’s own experiences trying to avoid the bear pit.
    Marie O’Mahony, Professor of Advanced Fashion + Textiles at Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) University, Toronto, and Visiting Professor, University of the Arts, London.
    Followed by Q&A

    The Craft of Surgery
    This session has a close focus on the dynamic between surgery and pattern cutting/tailoring.
    Chair: Marie O’Mahony
    Filmed presentation by Professor Roger Kneebone, Professor of Surgical Education, Imperial College London, PhD FRCS FRCSEd FRCGP and Joshua Byrne, Byrne & Burge, about the crossovers between surgery and tailoring.
    Discussion between Rhian Solomon, maker and founder of sKINship, Dr Sarah Pape, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, in conversation with Grant Gibson, Editor, Crafts Magazine about their collaborative work.
    Followed by Q&A

    Embroidered Engineering
    This session will discuss how adapted embroidery techniques are improving performance and environmental sustainability in the auto, aero and medical industries.
    Followed by Q&A
    Speaker: Professor Julian Ellis OBE, Ellis Developments
    Followed by Q&A

    Biomaterials and Future Making
    The session will investigate synthetic biology and how making on a molecular level could help build a sustainable future.
    Chair: Professor Paul Freemont, co-director of the new EPSRC national Centre for Synthetic Biology and Innovation at Imperial College London.
    Speakers: Suzanne Lee, maker and founder of Biocouture, Dr Ellen Jorgensen, Genspace, New York, and Dr Mitchell Joachim, Terreform 1, New York.
    Followed by Q&A

    Advanced Manufacturing
    The session will discuss the maker’s role in developing new manufacturing technologies.
    Chair: Rebecca van Rooijen, co founder of benchpeg
    With: Jamie Hall, Jeweller, Peter Oakley, Research Lead for the School of Material at the Royal College of Art, Karin Paynter, Freelance creative and technical consultant.

    Making is Connecting
    In this filmed presentation, David will answer questions crowd sourced through social media channels. He will discuss making as a collaborative activity, and how it is enabled by digital communications technology.
    Professor David Gauntlett, Professor of Media and Communications, University of Westminster, and author of Making is Connecting.

    “How To” (Panel Discussion)
    This panel discussion will look to answer questions regarding how makers and scientists / techies can meet and collaborate, both independently and through academic / public sector partnerships.
    Chair: Clare Reddington, Director of iShed and The Pervasive Media Studio, Watershed’s multi-disciplinary research lab.
    Speakers: Dr Martin Kemp, Theme Manager, NanoKTN, and Chairman, IOM3 Nanotechnology Committee, Chris Thompson, Senior Adviser for Enterprise & Innovation, Ravensbourne, Tine Bech, visual artist and researcher.
    Followed by Q&A

    Closing Remarks: Rosy Greenlees, Crafts Council.

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